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Liveracers - what is it playing at?

Mr Fox (Myles7)

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Sep 15, 2016

Does anyone know what is (consistently) ‘wrong‘ with the Liveracers feed (our ‘live’ timing)? Is it the service itself, configuration - or some bizarre artefact of my browsers doing weird caching or routing? Or is it because the Fun server is set to a ‘test day’ and so the session is never terminating and freezing a snapshot of the timing board?

Yesterday afternoon, I *again* set a new lap record in the Fun server (a 6:12 - haven’t yet got back down to the 6:09 from the pre-update version of the car) and it showed up instantly in the ‘best laps’ display on Liveracers.

Just had a quick look this morning from my iPad - and the time has disappeared again (tried two browsers and refreshes). The Wed Nite server is updating fine (I take it we’ll be seeing Ed tonight?) - which leads me to wonder if it *is* the unconstrained session length that is masking the Fun times….

It would be good to at least understand what’s going on here as hotlap servers tend to thrive when drivers see movement in the board…. :)

Dan Bayford

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Feb 14, 2014
Hi Miles if you want to see the recent times you have to wait till the server restarts the session or you can restart the session in voting and they show up a lot quicker hope this helps man